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Our story

Founded by John DeTemple in 1999, has enjoyed 19 years of success!!!


Artistry at its truest form; camera, computer, they are just tools that help realize a vision.

But we are just as ready to pick up a paint brush, ink pen, or scissors to accomplish the concept. Each project gets approached like a blank canvas, anything is possible...


We create from the ground up, with every aspect of the job. Starting with the concept, moving towards filming and capturing the moment. Compositing and designing the elements into the edit, that then finally gets a finishing gloss on it before its pushed out of the cocoon. 


Our client list: Ford, Nestle, Warner Bros., Toyota, MTV, ABC, CBS, FOX, ABC Family Channel, TLC, Discovery, BMW, Jaguar, EXTRA, Anaheim Angels, LA Clippers, SEGA, Mobilitie, Body Glove, Billabong, NASA, University of Hawaii, ESPN, Toshiba, Honda, Daily and Associates, Horrorfest, Activision, EDC, NHL and many other companies...



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